David Berger on Los Angeles


I started this website in 2008 when I was a candidate for City Attorney, my first foray into politics. I was knocked out in the March 2009 primary election, and formed an alliance with second placed candidate Carmen Trutanich, as I believed we shared the same ideas and principles.

I worked with Trutanich and helped him to win the May 2009 general election by a convincing margin and then served as a member of his transition team. In July 2009, I was appointed as Special Assistant to the City Attorney, I position I held until April 2009 when I resigned and returned to the District Attorney’s Office.

I continue to be deeply interested in local government and although this website will remain largely inactive, I do occasionally comment on local matters at my blog, David Berger on Los Angeles. I also follow local matters on a number of other blogs listed below for your enjoyment.

Walter Moore Says

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City Hall Insider

Griffith Park Wayist

The City Maven

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Witness LA

Ron Kaye L.A.

Village to Village

The above appear in no particular order, and this is far from an exclusive list. I do not necessarily agree with anything or everything appearing on them. I do believe it is important to have as broad a range of information and knowledge as possible.


David Berger on Los Angeles